*Remove stock hood, bumper with brackets, grill, lower valance and headlamp assembly.
1. Align new front headlamp panel (A) to fenders then fasten.
2. Bolt new front lower valance bracket (M) to old bumper bracket location.
3. New front lower valance (B) bolts to racket and rivet or bond to fender.
4. Front fender flares (C1 & C2) fit up to front valances and side exhaust covers, Rear flares (D1 & D2) match up to side exhaust covers (E1 & E2), Rivet or bond to vehicle.
5. Side exhaust covers (E1 & E2), Upper (F1 & F2) and Lower (G1 & G2) side scoops rivet or bond in place.
6. Large front grill (H) bolts to stock hood lock support, small rods at bottom of grill pin thru new head lamp assembly *align grill then drill holes in headlamp assembly.
7. Small front grill (I) mounts into lower valance opening. Align, drill mounting hole then fasten.
8. Hood (J) bolts to stock hood hinges and uses stock latch assembly.
9. New tail lamp panel (K) fastens over original panel, duplicate opening on original panel.
10. Installation of stainless exhaust tips (L1 & L2) for side exhaust requires modification to the rear rocker panel.
Paint Codes

Body - Pepper Grey Metallic - Dupont Fleet 44490

Stripes - Black Metallic - Dupont Fleet 44435

Stripe Measurements

Headlamp panel uses standard 6" headlamp and bracket

PIAA 959 P.N. 9593 (small lights in headlamp panel)
PIAA PK 348E P.N. 4060 (Large lights in center of valance)
PIAA P.N. 1252. 1200 Seriec clear driving (small lights in the lower valance also used as reverse lights)


We used 1/8 countersink rivets.

Fill over rivets with Sem 39907 Fast set adhesive or equivalent. sand with 50 grit. Finish with standard body fill.